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Hi there! Welcome to ‘Looking after ME’.

Here at the Hawthorn Football Club we care about nutrition, physical activity and mental health, so we have designed a program, just for primary school aged children, to get you moving, eating well and feeling great! The program includes fun and interesting stuff to do at school and some challenges for you to try at home. Ask your teacher to register for the program today! Your section of the website has some great stuff just for you.

Looking after ME student facts interactive

Want to find out more about healthy eating and physical activity?
Ever wondered how the Hawthorn players stay active and prepare for games?
Do you wonder why you feel a lot better when you exercise regularly?

You’ll find that information and more in this student facts interactive written just for you. There are facts, figures, videos, hidden bits of information and a whole page of cool challenges. This interactive can be used with the ‘Looking after ME program’ (if you are doing it at school) or you can just relax and read the information to improve your overall wellbeing!

Just for fun activities

Just for fun activities

In Just for fun activities, you will find a whole lot of fun, challenging and crafty activities that you can do at school or home. This includes puzzles, letter mazes and models to make.

Meet Hawka and some Hawthorn players

In Meet Hawka and some Hawthorn players you will find information about our fantastic mascot Hawka and a few of our players.